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Antonia seamstress extraordinaire at Take Off Your Clothes – Concordia Edition

At Take Off Your Clothes – Concordia Edition, we want to give you the best swapping experience!

This time, we have a special appearance from Antonia. She will be there at the swap to do your on-the-spot alterations for your newly swapped clothes.

Antonia seamstress extraordinaire and bookkeeper by trade who always found time to nurture her passion for clothes.  It all started while watching her mother, a professional seamstress sewing yards of fabric on their kitchen table.  She picked up sewing techniques that would allow her to make some extra money for her family.  At the ripe age of 12 she took on her first clients, making alterations for her friends’ mothers clothes!  After nearly 50 years of experience lovingly repairing clothes that needed TLC for her community, she will be offering her skills & passion for this Wednesday’s swappers. If you need a little repair or hem done she can do it on the spot, so you can bring home your newly acquired outfits to measure.

Simple alterations would be FREE and complex ones are offered at a very low student price!

Don’t miss out!

Diary of a Frugalista: Confession Of a Swapaholic

Hi, my name is Nadya, and I’m a swapaholic.

Unnamed cotton dress found at the first Mega Swap event. It always gets tons of compliments

Just about three years ago I was a regular girl who was spending up to half of her salary on clothes. My wardrobe had trouble swallowing up all the stuff I crammed into it. My storage room contained two big suitcases almost bursting open because of the stuff inside.

My then husband hated Thursdays and Fridays. On these days, the balance on our credit card suffered severe losses.

But I could not help it. My girlish nature demanded new clothes on a regular basis, period!

Vintage jeans dress from 80s found at the YMCA swap event last year

Then everything suddenly changed.
One day I met Aleece (the founder of The SWAP Team) who came to visit a friend working in my office. Aleece told me about The SWAP Team and their clothing swap events. Shortly after, I participated in my very first swap.

A whole new world opened up right in front of me!

I got to exchange the clothes I was bored of for new-to-me, cool ones. I even managed to find some pieces that would be impossible to buy in a regular store.

That fascinated me.

Vintage dress found at the last Mega Swap event

I loved the feeling that I had while going through the racks and looking for interesting pieces. It was the thrill of the hunt and the anticipation of surprise. I felt like a kid in front of a box full of chocolate eggs with toys inside!

Then I began to meet people who found the items I brought to the swaps. I was looking at the things that used to belong to me … and I felt kind of proud of myself! The choice I made the other day when decided to buy them was greatly appreciated by somebody else. In addition, it was interesting to see how the others blended my former belongings into their style.

Divided dress found at the last Mega Swap event

I realized that I had started helping to save the environment much more than before. Instead of participating in blind consumption, I took part in a nature-friendly exchange that produces no greenhouse gasses — only a lot of fun!

Vintage dress from 80s found at the last Mega Swap event

My suitcases became empty, so my husband was happy. I got a great new wardrobe and saved tons of money!

This all made me very much addicted to clothing swaps. I recognize my condition, and I am very happy about it!

Suede shorts found at the last Mega Swap event

Vintage dress from 80s brought by Aleece at the YMCA swap event last year and found by me

Take Off Your Clothes — Concordia University Edition

Hey guys!

The new semester is here! Why not celebrate back-to-school with new outfits? This time, instead of shopping, consider….SWAPPING!

Who says that you have to dig deep into your pocket for a new wardrobe? You just need to dig in deep into your closet! The SWAP Team, North America’s biggest swapping clothing swap is coming to Concordia, and this time, the entire event would be run by none other than Concordia students themselves. With our partners, David O’Brien Centre for Sustainable Enterprise (DOCSE) and Career Management Services (CMS) in Concordia University’s John Molson School of Business, we aim to create more awareness in sustainable clothing consumption among university students.

How the event works:

  • Clean out your closet, and set aside the nicest things that you aren’t wearing anymore and get them cleaned.
  • If you have more than 10 items to swap, then you’ll need to drop it off in advance before the swap starts. Otherwise, please bring no more than 10 items with you on the day of the swap.
  • Please download and print this label and place one on each bag of clothing you bring with you to the swap.
  • We will look over everything and decide what to accept — if it’s clean and, undamaged then chances are we’ll take it.
  • Every item we accept earns you 1 exchange coupon, valid for any other item at the swap.
  • Sorry, we do not sell clothing or exchange coupons. You MUST bring acceptable clothing to swap in order to participate.
  • All Clothing remaining after the event will be donated to Renaissance, a Montreal-based charity.

For student body from any university or college (please have your ID ready at the entrance): advance $5, regular $8

For non-student: advance $7, regular $10



Any day before September 19:
When: During regular business hours

Where: The David O’Brien Centre for Sustainable Enterprise offices: 1450 Guy, office 6.325 or 6.323

What to do: Bring your clothes in a sealed bag and make sure to have label inside with your name and student ID (if applicable), and the total number of items in that bag. This is very important, because if we don’t have the label, we can’t know these clothes came from you!

Wednesday, September 19
When: 1PM – 5PM
Where: Molson Building Atrium (1450 Guy)


We also have special appearances from:

  • Snob Affair – a Montreal-based blog that doesn’t settle when it comes to fashion!
    Whether to put together a business attire, or to match up casual outwear, they will be there as your fashion consultant!
  • Thé Kiosque
    Aside from being a cozy hang-out place to study or chitchat near Concordia, Thé Kiosque will generously provide us with hot tea to refresh your energy. When you need a break from swapping, come try out the different flavours Thé Kiosque has to offer!
  • A special guest seamstress who will be doing alterations and fittings to the clothes you have swapped – on the spot! While the simple work will be free of charge, she will be also offering more complex alteration at a special student discount.

So what are you waiting for? Join us, have fun, and swap it up!

Lovin’ the SWAP idea and want to get involved in the process? Become a volunteer and experience it with us! Contact or for further information.