Look for this sign when walking down Mackay street from the library!

Hello fellow Swappers,

Our exciting Take of Your Clothes – Concordia Edition event is drawing very near and we wanted to talk about a very special partner that will be present at the swap and ensuring that we are well refreshed
while we swap to our heart’s content – Thé Kiosque.

Located at the heart of Concordia’s downtown Sir George Williams campus, in the corner of Mackay and Saint-Catherine, Thé Kiosque is a trendy tea house that serves over 200 different types of brews from all corners of the globe, from premium toasty Genmaicha to the soothingly mellow blueberry white tea. It is indeed a refreshing change from the cluster of coffee chains on campus!

As a matter of fact, the founders of Thé Kiosque originally had the idea back when they were still studying in Concordia and couldn’t find a nice place to hang out and kick-back with a healthy beverage. “A good amount of people still prefer coffee in the morning, but we have this mocha nuts mate – a tea from Argentina with as much caffeine as coffee, yet the best part is that the mocha nuts have a rich and smooth flavour, along with the antioxidants of tea, which is extremely beneficial for your health” explains owner David, who solemnly swears he is not related to David’s Tea – a wide-spread franchise that vastly expanded into 50 stores between 2009 and 20011.

Thé Kiosque invokes the mom n’ pop shop nostalgia, yet successfully blends the traditional ancient art of tea-making with the modern high-paced lifestyle of today’s workers and university students. Many students have found that relaxing in front of a book with a hot cup of tea is an excellent way to savour the breaks between classes. However, speaking of savouring, did we mention that they also had a wide- range of mouth watering tea-infused pastries, iced teas and lattes? As their popularity expanded, so did the shop’s space when they opened up a terrace to hang out and announced plans to expand into more locations in the coming years in order to spread the experience and culture of tea.

At the Swap Team, we’re excited to say that our swappers will have that experience come to them while they swap! With sustainability being the forefront of our mission, we are happy to have Thé Kiosque
amongst us this year and sip on organic and fair-trade tea brews!

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Let them show you the intrinsic art of tea-making!