Our heartfelt thanks go out to La Gaillarde for opening their doors for our swappers to drop off their donations.

La Gaillarde is located at 4019 Notre-Dame West , and their opening hours are:

Mon – Fri 11am – 7pm
Sat-Sun 11am – 5pm

Thanks to David-Alexandre for taking the time to answer our questions, and to Luc Bourgeois who provided us with a peak into La Gaillarde through pictures.

Photo © www.lucbourgeoisphoto.org

When would you say are the fashion world’s peak moments during the year?
Like most stores, our peak is around Christmas time. We also have an interesting dynamic since we sell local designs (which come out twice a year) and vintage, with new pieces coming in daily.

What’s your definition of sustainable fashion?
For La Gaillarde, sustainable fashion is a value chain (design, production, distribution and marketing) that minimizes our footprint on the earth and populations.

Do you consider La Gaillarde to be an Eco-friendly boutique? If so, how?
Yes, La Gaillarde is a non-profit organization whose mission is to offer eco-friendly clothing. We do so by offering vintage pieces, organic and recycled local designs to our clientele.

Photo © www.lucbourgeoisphoto.org

How would you like to see the fashion industry change over the next ten years? How do you think they should do it?
Companies should make a commitment to using at least a certain percentage of sustainable fabrics in their production and take steps for that percentage to grow.

What’s a day In La Gaillarde like?
A day at La Gaillarde can be pretty hectic but always fun, we start off by putting some great music and have clients that come in the store to shop or drop off donations. Then we have volunteers that come in to sort those donations, as well as designers that come in and drop off some new items! You should check out Luc Bourgeois’ photos on our website for an idea of what a day in store looks like. http://www.lagaillarde.ca/photos/

What designers do you sell in your boutique?
We sell over 40 local designers (OOM, Encore, Ada-Jito, Tomate d’épingles, Musky, Meemoza, and many more) all of which can be found here: http://www.lagaillarde.ca/ecodesign/

Photo © www.lucbourgeoisphoto.org

What sales or deals do you have now?
Well, There are always good deals at La Gaillarde. We have a basement filled with vintage liquidation pieces and a designer liquidation section from previous collections upstairs.

Tell us about the history of your boutique. How was it founded? What was the idea behind it?
La Gaillarde officially started 12 years ago in St-Henri. It was a bazaar before that and it has been offering a great selection of clothes to the population of St-Henri, while offering a place for emerging talents to sell their designs.

What plans do you have for the future?
We just opened a new section in the store and we are planning on having a lot of fun with it! It allows us to double our amount of vintage in store! We’re pretty excited about this!

Photo © www.lucbourgeoisphoto.org

If you had all the power of the world how would you change the fashion world?
By spreading the Gaillarde eco spirit all over the world!

What is your favorite fashion star? Who inspires you?
There is so much local talent it’s hard to choose! I would say emerging designers in general, just for having the guts to launch their own business!

Describe us your ideal customer. Who is your boutique for?
Everyone! We want to spread the eco love to everyone and have pieces that fit most people 🙂

Photo © www.lucbourgeoisphoto.org