How It Works

How it Works (English)

How It Works

Never been to one of our events before? Our swap-stylin' volunteer, Flora, explains how easy and fun it is to participate in a giant clothing swap!

5 tips to get you swapping!

  1. BUY your ticket -- space is limited at our events and they often sell out in advance. Tickets to upcoming events are available on the right.
  2. Clean out your closet, and set aside clothing, shoes and accessories in excellent condition for us.
  3. Wash or dry clean your clothing according to our laundering policy.
  4. Neatly fold or hang your clothes and place your swappables into a clean recycling bag, garment bag or dry cleaning sheath and seal it closed.
  5. Download this label, fill it out and attach it to every one of your bags.


We believe in community over quantity

Our label is humanity

It's not about Gucci, Prada and Dior ... it's about you, me us and we

The space in our closets leaves room for creativity

We are the fabric of kindness

If in doubt … leave it for someone else to discover!

CHANGE, one swapped garment at a time

Participating in a clothing swap is a community activity. We reserve the right to ask anyone to leave who doesn't respect these values. No refunds for bad behaviour!

Quick Question

Can I come inside and look at the clothes you have first before checking in what I’ve brought?

No. It’s unfair to everyone else who has already brought clothing to the event. If you’re uncomfortable with the risk, then we advise you to only bring clothing that you were going to give away anyhow.

Got more Questions?

What NOT to SWAP

We do not accept:

Bathrobes, pyjamas, t-shirts, underwear, lingerie, swimwear, tank tops, socks, leggings or stockings. Likewise, we do not issue exchange tickets for ripped, faded, torn, stained, scratched, dirty, frayed, missing buttons, broken zippers or otherwise worn/damaged items.

Items received that fail to meet these standards will be donated to our charity partner(s) for recycling. Please note that we do not issue exchange coupons for these items.

Read our laundering policy!

Laundering policy strictly enforced:

As a courtesy to fellow swappers, please wash all clothing items you'd like to swap in hot water and dry on high for a minimum of 20 minutes (or: have them dry cleaned and keep them in the original plastic covering with a knot on the bottom). When the laundering cycles are complete, the clean laundry should be placed in new, clear garbage bags and sealed. 

We inspect everything that comes in and reserve the right to reject any item or bag of clothing that does NOT appear to comply with our policy.