By Malorie Bertrand

To help you prepare for The Swap Team’s upcoming swap in Montreal on July 28 and 29, we at Ef thought it would be best to take a cue from the fashion capitals of the world. Summer is here, fall is on its way (we apologize for reminding you) and in the following images from NYC to Berlin, we hope you’ll find some inspiration to help you clear out your closet and replace old items with new ones that’ll compliment your style, wherever you are.

Photos courtesy of Phil Oh of Street Peeper and The Sartorialist, Scott Schuman.

NYC – No matter how much European influence trickles into the Yankee fashion bloodstream, our brothers and sisters down south still pull off their effortless preppy chic. NYC residents show us how to mix multicultural flair with good ‘ole Americana, taking the original t-shirt, converse shoe or turtleneck sweater and adding a modern twist.

London – In comparison to Paris and Berlin, London’s fashion is the perfect blend of high-end and sloppy. Londoners are the sultans of chaotic chic, pairing torn Hermes sweaters with High Street accessories. We can always pick out a Londoner by his or her dishevelled yet somehow oh so stylish ensemble. But just as we say this, we’re surprised by pops of bold colour and slimmer silhouettes once in a while.

Paris – Regardless of the season, Parisians love their black. From their impeccable bone structure to their perfected layering, Parisians rule when it comes to understated beauty and muted colours. But don’t be fooled, they’ll throw in a splash of colour, just to keep you guessing.

Berlin – We recently met three young German gentlemen who inspired us with their effortless preppy Euro look. Slim-fitted pants, rolled hems, loafers and funky t-shirts remind us of our Deutschland lads. Note the ladies’ ability to be playful and dark with black tights and bright dresses blended together. When we think of Germany we think of structured and coy, dark and sparkly, conservative and playful. Which are you?