Want to look special this Christmas and stay on budget? Then this DIY tutorial is for you!

I will show you how to make a fun and sassy accessory: a wire crown. It will bring out your inner princess and will have all eyes on you at any party!

Originally I spotted this lovely DIY project in the Free People blog. I fell in love with the idea and decided to make a similar project with a few modifications.

What you will need for this project: wire, wire cutters, pliers,  and an old necklace.

I used Artistic Wire 18 Ga that I bought at an art supply store. To decorate the points of the crown, I used an old necklace which I found at a recent clothing swap.


1. First, make a wire circle that will become the base of your crown. It should be a little bit bigger than your head. Before cutting the wire, try the circle on your head to make sure it fits properly on top of your head.

2. After cutting the wire, wrap the ends tightly around the base using the pliers. Make sure the ends point away from your head: It will prevent them from scratching your skin.

3. Then, cut eight pieces of wire of about 21cm in length. These will become the crown points.

4. Bend the wire pieces in the middle.

5. Decorate the points with some beads. Use the pliers to twist the tips of the points to fix the beads.

I wanted to use the big gray plastic “pearl” beads, but their holes were too small. The necklace had also smaller metal ones with bigger holes;  there were precisely eight of them!

6. Bend the ends of the points to prepare them for attaching to the crown base. Try to not make the bent ends too small; otherwise, it will be difficult to do the next step.

7. Arrange the points symmetrically along the base. Begin with two in 180 degrees from each other.
Hook the ends under the base wire. Using the pliers, wrap the ends around the base wire as tight as you can.
Then, place two other points  in 90 degrees from the attached ones and repeat the steps.
After completing you should have four points evenly attached as show on the picture. Attach the other four in between.

Again, try to point the ends of the wire towards the outside; it will prevent your head from getting scratched.

And here comes the crown!

Happy DIY-ing! Make this Christmas special!

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